New Approaches to Growth!

What is digital Marketing,Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digitaltechnologies , mainly on the internet but also incuding mobile phones,display advertising and any other digital medium.

            Our Proposal
Activity Objective Frequency
Website Designing To showcase the expertise -
Facebook/Instagram organic posts Regular engagement with the audience; Generate awareness
and build credibility
Min 4 posts a month
Paid promotion on social media Increase brand awareness and generate enquiries Min 2 campaigns per month
SEO To generate more visibility and enhance the position in search engine Monthly
Google Ads Target people searching for specific results Daily

            1. Website designing & development

                                   ➔Website designscreate the first impression of the company and hence of vitalimportance to generate leads
                                   ➔Multi page website (Number of pages = Upto 10)
                                   ➔Responsive website- Optimized for desktop, tablets and smartphones to ensure user-friendliness on all devices
                                   ➔Website will be synchronized with Google Analytics and Social Media Tracking codes

            2. Social Media Marketing

                                   Create / manage company page
                                        Activities included:
                                   ➔Timeline design of the page
                                   ➔Content for organic posting will be generated by us based on discussions with the client
                                   ➔Number of posts/campaigns: As per the package selected.
                                   ➔Regular updates in stories
                                   ➔Maximisingthe reach using organic and paid options
                                   ➔“Hygiene check” of the page - Daily basis
                                   ➔Replying to queries/comments and forwarding of enquiries - Daily basis

            3. Search Engine optimisation

                                   ➔Website will be optimised for higher ranking in Google search results
                                        Activities included (On-Page):
                                   ➔Competition website and keyword evaluation
                                   ➔Keyword research and analysis
                                   ➔Website will be optimized for 40* keywords (10* per month)
                                   ➔Recommended duration: 4 months
                                   ➔On Page including (but not limited to) optimisation of:
                                          ★Meta tags - Page title and description
                                          ★Content rewriting (Language: English)
                                          ★Site Map
                                   ➔1* Blog per month to connect with the audience.(As per the package selected)
                                        Activities included (Off-Page):
                                       ➔Article submission 2 to 4 per month
                                       ➔Submission of answers on forums such as Quora, Reddit etc. - 4 to 8 per month
                                       ➔Image submissions 4 per month
                                       ➔Social Media bookmarking 8-10 posts per month
                                       ➔Optimising “Google My Business” listing

            4. Google Ads

                                       ➔Google Adswill be setup to take theservices directly to prospective customers desktop and phones
                                       ➔Format: Text/Image/Video ads ofservices will be displayed on Google network
                                       ➔Target Audience will be chosen
                                       ➔Managed Placements: Ads will be displayed on chosen websites
                                       ➔Keywords: Use of relevant keywords to reach out to the in-market audience

            5. Results

                                        ➔GoogleAnalytics Report analysing the traffic to the website
                                       ➔Social Media Insights analysing the engagement on our pages
                                       ➔Keyword Position Report tracking the keywords ranking
                                       ➔These reports will be sent on monthly basis
                                       ➔Every month 1 meeting will be scheduled to assess the success of the marketing activities

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